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Mary Moua Photography

Mary Moua
Mary Moua Photography
Eau Claire, WI

Hi there!  My name is Mary Moua and I am a natural light photographer based out Eau Claire, WI.  I shoot kids, families, and dabble in a few weddings here and there but my main love is shooting high school senior girls.  Every young woman deserves to feel beautiful and I absolutely love it that I am able to take part in that.  It just never gets old when my seniors see their photos for the first time and they are in awe at how beautiful they truly are.  This session was a challenge because it was about 100 degrees out and we were both drenched in sweat by the end of our session but she was such a trooper!

  1. Anita Rosario

    Beautiful pictures and lighting – Wow!! You cannot tell it was 100 degrees. I’m looking to upgrade both my camera body and lens. Can I ask what lens and camera you used? Thanks

    Anita Rosario

  2. Mary Moua

    Thank you so much Anita! I used my Canon Mark II and my 70-200 f/2.8 and 85 f/1.8 on these.

  3. Chrissy

    Hi, from over in the UK!
    Your photography is so amazing and beautiful – I’ve just discovered Lemonade and Lenses!!!
    Wish we had something like that over here!
    Please could you tell me what you use for editing? I’m about to get the latest Photoshop and not sure whether to go ahead and buy Lightroom too???
    Best wishes,

  4. Mary

    Thank you for the kind words Chrissy! I use Photoshop 5. Not much of a Lightroom user.

  5. Pam

    Very beautiful pictures. It says you are a natural light photographer. Do you not use any type of lighting at all with these outside pictures? They are so crisp and clear with beautiful color. I have a Canon 5D, and I use the 70-200 f/2.8. I want to get my pictures to look like these, but I must be missing something. Maybe the Canon Mark II makes the difference?

  6. Kayli

    Such beautiful pictures!!

  7. Very beautiful photos. Do you have your own website, besides your facebook page?

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