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Michelle Roller photography

Michelle Roller
Michelle Roller photography
San Luis Obispo CA
I’m Michelle, a young photographer from the Central Coast of California whose main passion are photography and fashion. I’m on the constant look out for new models, styles and ideas to contribute to beautiful to lovely images. I always work with my best friend, Alicia Hathaway( who is a very talented makeup artist. For this shoot titled, Light Adventure, we wanted a happy, flirty look and only found our adorable model, Tryphena 3 hours before the shoot! We grabbed a bubble machine and a vintage camera and headed to a natural park in Pasadena. Alicia did renegade makeup in the parking lot and the model changed in her own car which is the way you kinda have to do things in LA without getting kicked out for shooting without a permit! This location gave a us gorgeous lighting and everything worked out beautifully for such a last minute shoot!!

  1. Meghan

    Wow, gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!

  3. Michelle Roller kicks major booty. The warm, saturated colors in this session are unbelievable. Great vision and stunning images.

  4. I love the lighting, bubbles, and EVERYTHING!

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