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Violet Short Photography

Violet Short
Violet Short Photography
Indianapolis, IN

My name is Violet and I am a photographer focusing on portraits and weddings in the Indianapolis area. One of my favorite things to shoot (and I’m not alone in this) is stylized sessions. I am completely in love with having a story behind my images and to becoming one with my concept! I have a super strong love and connection to Peeta and Katniss’ character’s from the Hunger Games. So much so that I wanted, since I read the first book, to photograph my own stylized Hunger Games shoot. And as I suspected, I was not alone…many others had used the concept for inspired wedding shoots and other stylized sessions. I had a BLAST seeing all the different interpretations, but I wanted try my take on it.
It was quite the chilly day and they were both SUCH troopers running around in t-shirts. I am truly blessed to have such excellent models to work with and in this shoot, I had the great pleasure of photographing Danielle Redden and Eli Parker. These two are a couple in real life which made things SO much easier! I had a blast planning and I couldn’t possibly have done it all without the help of Jean Loper Photography and Danielle!


  1. These are soooo cool!

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