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Wendy Carr Photography

Wendy Carr
Wendy Carr Photography
Tehachapi, CA

This was a shoot for senior Hollynn class of 2013. It was taken in beautiful Tehachapi, CA. Styling and make-up was done by Hollynn and her mom.
I am a natural light photographer. I like to create images that are timeless, yet usually have a modern twist. I was an interior designer for the last 15 years and love staging my shoots. I feel in to a photography career last year. I have been shooting for family and friends for the last 20 years. As I was waiting to start the Nursing program, I decided to take a photography class for fun. The rest is history! I just turned down the nursing program last month. I can’t believe that my passion for photography has actually turned in to my career.
I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

p.s. 3 months ago, I lost my mom. I had a hard time finding pictures of me and my mom together because we both were always the one taking them. I now try and grab my mom’s during my senior shoots and get them in the pic. The last picture, is Hollynn and her sweet mama Dana.


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