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WhiteWood Studios

WhiteWood Studios

We are Jenna+Jody, Photographer+Videographer Wife+Husband.
We are drawn to anything vintage or old, resulting in photos and videos that have a very natural, organic feel. We LOVE light, seek it in every shoot we are on. You might even call us “sun seekers”? I could live in tropics, but i suppose Kelowna is the closest I will get in Canada ;)

We shot this session with the inspiration of a “look book” fashion shoot for clothing designer Stephanie Walker of Love it again. She designed all of the clothing for this session. I had a teepee set up in my backyard from childhood. I thought it was too wonderful not to be used in a shoot. I got together with stephanie to brainstorm something amazing.  Jody helped haul what was remaining of my dear old teepee from the forest and we “dressed” the teepee with as many different fabrics and lace we could find. Filling the inside with oodles of blankets and pillows. Making it the ultimate fort or love nest? ha.  Rebecca Siewert (Rougis Photography) was also on set for this session, shooting some shots as well. She did not direct, but was on scene helping and shooting as well.   I wanted to share it with you lovelies over at Lemonade and Lenses because I thought it was a lovely fall shoot that needs to be shared.

Models:S.G., Lexi Lemke, Isabelle Simmons
Location: Kelowna, BC
Clothing: Love it again//Stephanie
Makeup: Jenny

  1. i have never seen the teepee idea used with adults but I love it, wonderful shots, this shoot came out amazing!

  2. Exciting! So grateful and feel honored to be up on your blog Lexi! thank you for sharing us and allowing us to be a part of your inspiring collection.

    J&J Hill
    WhiteWood Studios

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